Laisa Montejo

Studio Stylist

Joseph and Friends 2020

Women's Haircut       $56
Men's Haircuts           $50         
Children's Haircut      $40
Shampoo & Blowdry  $50
 Tint Touch up             $67+
              -w/3/4 foil: $168
              -w/full foil: $184
              -w/partial foil: $157
              -w/1/4 foil: $146
Tint Change                $107+ 
              -w/3/4 foil: $190
              -w/full foil: $202
              -w/partial foil:$190
              -w/1/4 foil: $179
Balayage                    $180+
Foils Vary
              -3/4 foil: $129+
              -full foil: $140+              -partial foil: $123
              -1/4 foil: $106+
Express Grey Blending/Touch Up $56/$62
Perm                    $196
GK Keratin  S$310, M$340, L$390

Education + Experience
Laisa is a Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute Alum, graduating as one of the best students in her class, and has assisted at all our locations for more than a year, and is also one of our Front Desk Coordinators. She attended the Joseph and Friends Advanced Academy for upcoming stylists, and is the apprentice and protégé to our long time stylists, Ernest Lawhon.