• women haircut      +  $45

  • Men haircut           +  $$40

  • children haircut   +  $35

  • Tint touchup        +  $65

  • partial highlight  +  $145        

  • Full highlight      +  $165
  • Balayage             + $175

  • I have been a hair stylist for the past 2 years and have over 4 years of color and styling experience. I am trained and certified in multiple color system and enjoy using my knowledge to create exactly what my clients are envisioning when they sit down in my chair. I enjoy working with my clients to create unique looks that they feel great in . I try to attend as many continuing education classes as possible so as to always be knowledgeable of the best and healthiest techniques to use.
    I love building strong connections with my clients and helping them express their personalities through their appearance!
    I love Puppies and enjoy my off time with friends and family.