Professional since 2018
Joseph and Friends since 2020

Women's Haircut      $  55

Men's Haircut            $  45

Children's Haircut     $  40

Tint Touch up           $  70+

Tint Change              $  80+

Partial Foil                 $ 135+

Full Foil                     $ 155+

Balayage                   $ 165+

My name is Muska Saidy. I am a licensed cosmetologist from Georgia, and I am well equipped with many years of experience. I have a huge passion in cosmetology, and my knowledge in products, hair styling techniques and skin care let me be able to create art with my clients. I have attended the Joseph & Friends Advanced Academy program and it has grown my passion in cosmetology. Some things about me are, I love to travel and explore all the different cultures in the world and all the different foods in the world, and I really love fashion! I am determined to fulfill your beauty needs, whether it is with your hair, your skin or makeup!