Master Stylist

Women's Haircuts:     $65.00+
Men's Haircuts:           $50.00+
Children's Haircut:     $40.00+
Tint Touch up:            $75.00+
Tint Change:               $85.00+
Partial Foil:                 $145.00+
Full Foil:                      $165.00+
Balayage:                   $210.00+

I am not just a hair stylist, the reason I live, and breath is the Hair and the fashion industry. I love to
make people beautiful and feel beautiful about themselves inside and out. With over 14 years of
experience I am always seeking to improve my skills as a professional stylist to create new style and
learn about new techniques. This is the reason I joint the Aveda team at Joseph and Friends. The Aveda
products have brought a new level of respect to my life. I am actively looking for new clients, so I can
share my skills and meet their high expectations. I love the excitement in my new clients when they
consult with me about how I can change their hair style and taking a new step in their personal life. I
specialize in Color, Highlights, cutting, styling, keratin Treatment, up-dos. My passion is to do Balayage
for my Clients, a new exciting French hair coloring method which leave clients breathless.