Joseph Golshani

CEO / Master Stylist

Women's Haircut   $175
Men's Haircut         $140
Children's Haircut  $85

Master Cosmetologist:1983
Paul Mitchell: 1983
Vidal Sassoon: 1984
Jacques De Sange - Paris: 1985
Tony & Guy: 1985
Opens Joseph & Friends Salon: 1989
AVEDA Business Neil Quality College: 2000
Bumble & Bumble: 2005

Joseph has travelled the world to master his craft.  He has an eye for beauty and likes to turn something ordinary into extraordinary.  His exceptional consultation skills coupled with his intuition give his guests outstanding results. In 2009, Joseph wrote the book "Thanks to America against All Odds",where we are given the opportunity to walk alongside him as he manifests the dream of a life time. It is a story that we can all share amidst the human collective. Joseph continues to revolutionize the beauty industry with his philosophy of creative change and its positive effect on the community. By creating a specific training program for his team, he ensured a consistency that can be found at each of his salons; his favorite acronym: TLC = Teaching Learning Continuously. Featured in numerous magazines and TV programs;  and also named Head Master in Atlanta 1999, Joseph Golshani continues to inspire his team with his talent and a belief that every stylist has a chance to make a difference in each guest's life.
Joseph has a passion for soccer, you can still find him on the soccer fields every week or on the dance floor with his wife!