Covid-19 information

In order to abide by Governor Kemp's and the White House Taskforce's safety guidelines for COVID-19, we have set the following guidelines for our staff & salon until further notice.

- Employees as well as clients MUST wear masks. No person will be allowed into any Joseph & Friends premises without a mask

- Chairs and stations have been marked off with tape to ensure the 6 foot distancing guideline.

- Due to the revoked recommendation to halt blowdrying by the GA state board, we have decided to resume blowdrying on June 13th when the Shelter in place for persons at risk ends

- our loyal clients who have visited us before COVID-19 know that we usually offer beverage service as well as complimentary value added massages to each service. In our attempt to reduce contact between persons and the spread of any germs, we will not be offering these at this time.

- We are locking the doors to our salons to ensure that no one without an appointment who is unaware of our guidelines enters the salon.

- When you arrive for your appointment, please wait inside your car and call us to let us know that you've arrived. We will let you know when your designated station is sanitized and ready for you.

- due to some of our salons being incredibly busy (thanks to you!) and to minimize the number of persons to ensure everyone's safety, we have requested some of our front desk personnel to work remotely. They will be answering your calls from home and may be checking you out from home as well. One of these lovely individuals will call you to obtain your information. No information will be written down, it will only be inputted in the credit card machine to ensure privacy and security.

- You may choose to tip your stylist through zelle, venmo or cash app now! Just ask them what their username is.

Once again, thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding during this time, We couldn't do this without your patience and positivity.

Stay Safe!

Your friends at Joseph & Friends