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Summer Haircuts for Men

Listen up, men! Summer is basically here, and it’s about time you updated your cut to take you through the heat. Men’s summer haircuts are all about looking good and staying cool, which usually means less hair. To help you get some ideas for a new style that might work for you, here’s a few of our favorite cuts that should easily fit the bill for great summer hair. Check it out, then give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

Crew cut. With this cut, you’ll get the same easy summer look as with a buzz cut, but the top is kept slightly longer and squared off at the corners. This will help to make the face look slimmer. Be sure to tell your barber you want it squared off at the crown to keep the military-look to a minimum, and depending upon your hair type, you may want to use a little pomade to maintain the shape.

Summer undercut. If you’ve been wearing your hair longer all winter and aren’t quite ready to get rid of it all just because the pools have opened, try out the summer undercut. The sides are cut really short, the length on top is kept, but there is no fade. The definition of an undercut is the dramatic difference between the top and the sides. The short sides will keep you cool in the heat, and the length on top will offer a variety of styling options, from messy to slicked back. If you let the sides grow through the summer, you’ll be almost back to the length you were by September.

French crop. Think of this cut as the trendier cousin of the high-and-tight. The faded sides are similar, but the top is kept a little shorter. It’s meant to be styled forward and the bangs should be cut in a straight line across the forehead. Ask your stylist to keep the top textured to add dimension and use a matte clay or lightweight pomade to keep it in place- just be sure to steer clear of shiny product, unless you want it to look like a shiny helmet!

Short pomp. Pompadours, the iconic style made popular by the likes of Elvis and Morrissey, can take a bit of styling work, but you can get that same vibe this summer without running the risk of your hair deflating. It’s called the short pomp, and it’s literally just a shorter version of the classic. Think of this as a high and tight with a bit more hair in the front. You need that length in front to be able to comb it back over the rest and get what is called the front bump. Use a medium weight pomade to keep the hold all day, then finish with some hairspray and you’ll be good to go.

Here at Joseph & Friends Salon & Spa, we can offer you all of these haircuts and more! Even if you’re not exactly sure which look you want, we can help you decide. Book an appointment at any of our locations online, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon to book at your convenience.