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Professional Hair Removal Services

Let’s talk about unwanted hair removal. I know, it’s not exactly the hottest topic of conversation, but everyone has unwanted hair! Here at Joseph & Friends Salon and Spa, we specialize in professional hair removal. We offer a full menu of hair removal services, from brows to legs and everywhere in between, and today we’ll talk about why we believe waxing is a superior hair removal method.
First of all, waxing can be a fantastic exfoliant. While it won’t replace regular exfoliation, it does act as an exfoliant to help remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The fresh layer of skin underneath is smooth and perfectly primed to soak up any nourishing moisturizers you might apply afterward. This process of skin renewal will help you maintain a healthy glow, especially if waxing becomes part of your regular routine!
Next, say farewell to stubble! We know shaving can be more convenient because you can just quickly do it at home, but it also causes that obnoxious stubble. Shaving cuts the hair off right at the surface of the skin, which causes it to grow back with those poky blunt edges. That’s the last thing you want to appear on your upper lip or chin, am I right? Waxing, on the other hand, will remove the hair shaft entirely. This will cause it to grow back naturally with no blunt edges, and because the entire hair is removed, you can go up to two weeks before needing to wax again! 
Finally, waxing requires less maintenance over time. Besides the fact that your technician has complete control over which hairs are waxed and which aren’t (hello, gorgeous brows!), waxing also causes less hair to grow back over time. Waxing the same areas will cause the hair follicle to stop producing hair over time. This is wonderful news for those of us who grow hair in places we really don’t want it- like the upper lip or chin! Making hair removal by waxing a regular part of your beauty routine will ensure longer lasting results over time! 
Are you ready to make waxing a part of your unwanted hair removal process? Come see the professionals at Joseph & Friends and allow us to make perfectly smooth skin a reality for you! Book an appointment at any of our Atlanta locations online, or download our free mobile app from the AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon.