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Party Ready Hairstyles

Piggy-backing off our last post- all about party ready makeup looks- we’re back today to talk about party ready hairstyles! We know how it is, this time of year can be absolutely crazy when it comes to checking off your seemingly endless to-do list. Allow us to help by doing the legwork on the it hairstyles that will turn every head at your next soiree. Read on to discover some of the hottest hairstyles you’ll see this season, and pick the one that’s perfect for you!

Side clipped curls. Whether you’re blessed with amazing natural curls like Blake Lively or you just want to look like you are, this look is ultra hot. Tame your waves into cascades that fall to one side with the help of an eye-catching hair accessory- such as a crystal covered clip. The resulting ‘do will frame your face just so, while also showing off your incredible jawline. 

Railroad pins. Are you sporting a punky pixie? Amp it up a bit with a row of stacked silver bobby pins wrapped all the way around your head. This look is super cool and a simple way to give your short hair a more edgy look.

Hollywood waves. Sleek S- waves are perfect for any glamorous occasion, especially a holiday party. Suitable for short or long hair, you can even customize the size of the waves- from tight to loose- by choosing a different sized iron to match your desired look.

Textured low ponytail. This is a super easy party hairstyle. First, add texture by curling tendrils away from the face, then capture the hair into a low pony secured with a neutral colored band. From there, add volume at the roots and crown because this is not meant to be a “slick back” look. This style is perfect for those who want to look “ready” without looking like you tried too hard!

Faux bob. While bobs are decidedly in right now, we understand that not everyone is ready to commit to such a dramatic change in length. If you’d like to flirt with the idea of a bob before chopping it off, give this style a try! A deep side part and loose curls gathered into a low, loose bun at the nape of your neck will create the illusion that you’re rocking a sexy, wavy bob.

Is it time for you to get ready for a big event? If so, the professional stylists at Joseph and Friends are here help you create a new look that will turn heads this holiday season. Book an appointment at any of our Atlanta locations online, or download our free mobile app from the AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon.