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Beat the Frizz with a Keratin Treatment

If you long for smooth, straight hair you can spend countless time in front of the mirror each day with a flat iron to get it smooth. Only to look in the mirror once it’s straightened to still see that it looks a bit frizzy and dry without that healthy sheen. Or you can take the stress out of your morning routine and opt for the perfect solution which is a keratin treatment.

Not sure what keratin is? Keratin is a protein that enhances the structure of your hair strands to make them healthy and strong. Our Keratin treatments fortifies the protein into your hair, combined with straighteners, to produce hair that is silky, supple, shiny, and straight for up to three to five months.

Because your keratin treatment is made to last, your morning routine becomes easier and quicker without having to deal with the heat of the straight iron. Your blow-drying time is also cut down with the added keratin to your hair. Since you are cutting down on the time your hair is exposed to heating tools, you will enjoy healthier hair over time with regular keratin treatments.

Say goodbye to fizziness, even in the humidity! Your hair will stay silky smooth regardless of the weather. This is because the cuticle, outside layers of each hair strand, absorb the keratin and bond together. This bond leaves the hair strands smooth while helping to keep out environmental toxins that can damage the hair.

Our stylists can let you know if you’re a good candidate for a keratin treatment. Typically, keratin works for several hair types, and is especially ideal for those with coarse, thick hair that tends to easily frizz.

If you’re ready for smooth, straight hair without a time-consuming morning routine, make an appointment today at Joseph & Friends. We strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect of your visit. To book an appointment at any of our Atlanta locations, book online or if you prefer, download our free mobile ap at the AppStore, Google Play, or on Amazon.