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Add Some Length or Volume with Extensions

Did you know that approximately 30 million women (25% of all women) in North America experience thinning or fine hair? This can be caused by a number of things, most of which are out of our control. If you count yourself among this number (or you’re simply ready for a change), we’ve got some good news for you. It is possible to add instant length or volume to your hair with a little help from hair extensions!

Here at Joseph & Friends Salon & Spa, we use VoMor Hair Extensions. VoMor extensions are of the highest quality, cuticle intact Remy hair and are the perfect way to achieve the look you want! With over 30 colors in three different lengths, we can create virtually any look you can dream up.

No longer a secret reserved for the Hollywood elite, hair extensions are a fantastic option when wanting - or needing - to change up your style. With the additional length, volume, or even pop of fashion color, extensions have the power to make even the simplest ponytail instantly more interesting. The best part is, with proper care and home maintenance, these extensions can easily last between 6-8 weeks!

The first step to your new beautiful hair is a consultation with one of our highly trained experts. During this appointment, your natural hair will be evaluated to determine if it’s strong and healthy enough for extensions. Then, we’ll talk with you to help us understand your vision and desired look. Finally, we’ll explain the required maintenance and upkeep for the extensions, and then we’ll match the color and texture of the extension to your natural hair.

Don’t settle for less than your dream hair. The experts at Joseph & Friends Salon & Spa are ready to help you make your hair dreams come true! Book an appointment online, or download our free mobile app from the AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon.