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How can we start to describe Ray? Anything you have ever been looking for in a stylist, he has: talent, passion, knowledge, empathy and good looks!He is one of our most prestigious and sought hairstylists, and speaks 4 languages.Originally from Iran, Ray Kazerouni graduated as an Electrical Engineer from Bielefeld University in Germany. Once in the US he started managing a Beer Garden with his brother, but he was to discover his true calling by accident. A friend needed help managing her hair salon after a massive walk out and Ray started doing a little bit of everything from answering the phones to helping with the accounting. This experience opened his eyes to a “fascinating career”; he discovered the passion for women’s beauty. Ray went through the apprenticeship program, became a certified hairstylist and has been earning recognitions ever since at our Roswell location. He has been a part of the Joseph & Friends team since 1998 and feels very fortunate expressing that Joseph’s personality has created a culture of honesty, respect, support and excellence. What he likes doing best is color and highlights; he believes that color emphasizes beauty, complements style and has endless possibilities. He also enjoys doing keratin treatments. His coworkers describe Ray as passionate, caring, a good friend. When Ray is not working he is playing poker! His favorite Aveda product: Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner because is leaves hair soft, giving it a silky shine while taking out the frizz.

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