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Sometimes the passion for your profession is inherited from your parents, making it almost a “family trade”. This is the case of Jahanrok Zohdi, Jahan, whose mom was a stylist. As a child, Jahan would practice on her dolls, at first, and then with her friends. Jahan was born in Iran, and later immigrated to Canada where she got her certification. Becoming a professional hairstylist was always in the back of her mind. This happy, creative and friendly lady is very patient and loves to teach her clients how to achieve the look they want. She loves doing highlights and cuts but she absolutely excels in updos. Jahan works at the Joseph & Friends’ Roswell location and she feels that it is her second home because everyone looks after each other. She believes clients feel that too. When Jahan is not at work she makes sure she’s attending different shows and classes to learn new styles and techniques in order to give her clients new ideas. Her favorite AVEDA product: Phomollient, because it gives hair body and an easy movement at the same time.

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