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Joseph & Friends is always renewing itself, trying to reinvent its personality and explore new opportunities. That’s why our new talents are so important: they celebrate that renewal process. Having Farshad as one of our new stylists is a celebration in itself. This extremely talented young man was studying Application Software in his native IRAN- Tehran, but he always dreamed of being a hairdresser. After two years of college Farshad decided to carry out his dream, but due to cultural guidelines he could only work as a barber: In Iran men cannot cut women’s hair. As soon as he arrived in America he enrolled in the Mak Beauty Institute where he couldn’t have been more successful; finally he was able to do what he had always dreamed of. Farshad excels at cut and color, though he believes this profession is not just “cut and color” but to give clients a new image, a new feeling about themselves, a new confidence and attitude; and he has that talent to visualize and interpret his clients wishes and needs. This kind, sociable and very honest man feels that Joseph & Friends is the best place he could’ve found to pursue his career because of the support and continuing education the staff gets. When Farshad is not working he is researching about hairstyling and perfecting his English. His favorite AVEDA product: Volumizing Tonic.

Be Sure to Ask for Farshad at Our Roswell & Vickery Locations, You Won’t Be Disappointed!!!