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Meet the Joseph & Friend’s Family: Ernest Lawhon

When clients walk in to the Joseph & Friends Roswell and Sandy Springs Locations, they can’t help but noticing Ernest going around and telling everyone how good they look and giving them tips for their hair. Besides having that cool West Palm Beach – Florida look, Ernest is a very sensitive individual. He describes himself as creative and loving life. When he is not at the salon you can find him in the mountains getting in contact with nature. Ernest Lawjon, one of our Master Stylists, has being doing hair since 1983 when he graduated from the St. Peet Beach Fla. Beauty School; he has been working at Joseph & Friends for 14 years. He likes doing hair shows, and giving his clients a makeover, cutting and coloring. Ernest is an expert with scissors, you can’t get a bad result when you sit in his chair. The part of his job he enjoys the most is changing the life of his clients by changing the way they feel about themselves. His favorite AVEDA product: BE CURLY.

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